Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rough Day at the farm

Some days are so rough but you gotta suck it up and push through. Like today!
We had to snuggle puppies and I had to call in for a back-up. Luckily for me, Janet Thorpe stepped up to the task and showed up to help me. See how she saved the day by doing puppy snuggling"
Life is so sweet with some innocent, adorable pups.
Oh yeah, we did real farm work. We banded and checked ewes and lambs today. Everyone looked fine and we have some fat ewes. Obviously they have been eating well. Then we worked dogs.  Then we did puppy love snuggle time. A great way to end a farming type of day.
Pups are DeltaBluez Dan (owned by Audrey) and Imp Sava (owned by Janet). Dan is Pleat x Tess. Sava is a dog that I brought back from Wales and is Aled Owen' s Roy x Dot. She is Janet's open dog and had a very successful PN career with me. She suits Janet quite well.
They are four weeks old and we have two boys and two girls. We haven't decided what pup we are keeping yet.

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