Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hard at work or Hardly working?

Well Sarah and Simon are the barn cats. Formerly feral kittens and but now tame and spoiled. Simon is still standoffish to folks but loves me. Might have to something with me feeding him?  He especially loves the canned kitty food. They get that when they get a large rodent such as a rat. But they have learned not to drop the rodent in my lap.
I noticed a mole had rooted up part of the pasture so told Sarah and Simon to go get it. See how intent they are in listening to me. They are sitting in a chair that Rainey had won for High Combined PN sheepdog trial. The dogs were sleeping next to the chair but quickly moved when Sarah reached down and used their backs as a scratching post.

Notice how promptly they obeyed....their reply was, "Yeah, we will get right on it!"

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