Sunday, December 29, 2013

MacDonald's Winter Series

This last Saturday we went to a sheepdog trial. Janet drove and I was the ailing passenger. I had a huge migraine due to lack of sleep so she whipped into a Starbucks where I got a latte and a danish and soon I felt better.

Sue and George host a nice tough trial on a small field, meaning no 600 yard outrun. But the course is sneaky and tricky and if you slip up, you will pay dearly. George was the judge and he did a grand job.

I ran Maid first and she went out well. Nice outwork and turn and then pushy on the drive coupled with slicely flanks. The sheep really didn't appreciate this so we waffled a bit then settled down. Then I made the grievous error of turning too sharp on the crossdrive panel and we did a pull through. That cost us a placing. Nice Maltese Cross, two different directions and we failed at the shed. I was very rusty but was happy how well she tried for me. She placed third!

Nan ran later and was keyed up. Her outwork was nice and I did not repeat the mistake on the crossdrive panel that I had did with Maid. We bobbled at the cross as the sheep wanted to go in the wrong side but we sorted it out and got through it. Again, I floundered at the shed and timed out.

She placed fourth and I was happy that we did that well in spite of being rusty. Both girls gave me all I asked of them at warp speed. My homework is to slow them down a notch, feel the bubble and fixing the slicely flanks. I suddenly realized that was the same homework I had mention to do from the last trial. Well, I better get hopping and really focus on it.

Janet ran Sava in Open and did well, with a few handler errors. She won't repeat them again and expect her to be doing well soon. Sava and her are a good team. She ran Jude in PN and he did everything she asked of him. He is getting better and better.

She took pixs with her camera so when I get my pixs, I will post them.

Not all the PN scores as we left right after Janet's run.

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