Friday, December 13, 2013

Kirchgessner Trial results

Last Saturday, I ran Nan and Maid at the Kirchgessner Winter Trial. It was darn cold and got colder! I even had my heated jacket on and still got cold. It was in the single digits when I left the farm at 6ish. It didn't warm up for the rest of the day.

Maid was second dog up. She started out nice then started to cross so I told her to stop and she froze. Kinda like the rest of the field was at that time, Took the redirect  and went nice behind the sheep. A strong lift and she listened to my whistle and held herself in check and nice fetch. Nice turn at the post and set them up nice for the first leg of the drive, and she held still for me. The sheep ran off as she was on the heavy side so she had to bolt to caught up to them. We turned up just shy of the panel and they bolted again. I got her high to prevent them from running back to the setout, got it calmed down and had the nice second crossdrive and hit the panel. Nice third leg and to the pen. They tried to bolt so we had to work to get them in and got the pen. It took a bit to get the single and it was tough! She flew in on a prayer and a thin dime and held the scattered brain lamb. She did well aside from the botched first leg of the drive and tied for third place, but placed fourth based on her outwork. That almost cross cost us! She was soft and very biddable for me and never tried to be bad.  She really bent over backwards to do as I asked.
Vet Bob and I went out for hot coffee and breakfast before I ran Nan. I was shivering and he took pity on me. I had over two hours before Nan's run.
Nan ran well on her outrun. She had one hair sheep and kept trying to run back as the setout crew was trying to hold them. As soon as she lifted them, the lamb bolted to the setout while the other two came down the field. She tucked it and did it over and over all the way down the fetch line. The lamb did not want anything to do with the two ewes and wanted to run back to the setout pen, crying like a fool all the time. We had a nice turn at the post and began a nice slow drive, then the lamb bolted to the crossdrive panels.  Nan was on the other side of the sheep and had to bolt like a racehorse to catch up to the lamb. She carefully worked the set but the lamb would run off on the other side that Nan was on....if she was on the right, the lamb would bolt to the left....all during the drive....the lamb ran to the setout spot, the various panels, to South America, to the White House and we had a pretty jagged rive. The other two ewes were amiable so we did have that line somewhat decent.  Penning was very tough as the lamb would bolt everyone but didn't want to be near the other two ewes. After much work, we got them in and went to the ring. We did get the single but after time was called which was fine by me....and we actually singled the lambs and let me tell you, it was a sheer accident. I was so grateful to hear time called that I could have bent over and kissed the ground, but I was too frozen.
The sheep were nice, fat ewes who were wily. The Judge was Jack Knox. Great trial and tough course.

Michael Gallagher Cain           87
Erin Obrien Z                           76
Corinne Berg Tay                    73
Diane Pagel Maid                    73
Dawn Pucci Bran                    69
Tim Ballard Nell                       66
T Yamamoto Sweep               65
Tierney Graham Brisco           64
Martha McHardy Sylvie           64
Shawna Wilson Roy                62
Cheryl Munson Flint                62
Charmaine Henderson Reo    60
Diane Pagel Nan                     60
Cheryl Munson Cooper           58
Susan Crocker Rani                58
Gael Gann Chili                       52
Liz Stenning Sage                   49
Lani Dorman Jayne                 scr
Brian Ricards Cody                 Rt
Jeanne B Rocky                      Rt
Brian Ricards Doc                   Rt
Heather Haynes Lad               Rt
Jo Roach Steam                     Rt
Michael Gallagher Flo             Rt
Brian Ricards Belle                 Rt
Corinne Berg Bea                   DQ
Lynda Little Lark                      NC 

Jeanne B                                 78
Lori Vanderburg Trill               77
Cheryl Munson Bailey             74
Charmaine Henderson Dan    72
Lynne Green Craig                  71
Liz Stenning Crick                   70
Susan Crocker Cedar             67
Gael Gann Joe                        66
Yamamoto                               65
Shawna Wilson Bill                 63
Robert Schooley Spike           60
Christie True Shep                  54
Mary Homan Claire                 38
Lani Dorman Owen                 scr
Christie True Dusty                 Rt
Audrey Baldessari Dan           Rt
Mary Gutknecht Mae               Rt
Lyndsay Ibbotson Zeus           Rt
Charmaine Henderson Fling   Rt
Tierney Graham Hawkeye      81
Liz Stenning Rye                     79
Martha McHardy                     68
Nancy Barker                          53
Corinne Berg Max                   Rt

Tracy Capaduca Holly             52
Jesse Max                               24
Bernie Lola                              Rt
Sandra Hurst Koda                 66
Mark Capaduca Buddy           64
Amanda Jones Patch              Rt
T Yamamoto Trout                  Rt


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