Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, DeltaBluez Rainey

Wow, Rain just turned 8 years old today. You would never know she was middle aged as she still acts like a (spoiled) puppy. Her parents were Delmar Scot and Deltabluez Tess. She was the runt of the litter and only female so she got to stay. In fact, she was Jeff's Christmas present and stole his heart.
She went to Scott's for training and came as  PN dog. She had a lot of eyes so I had to adjust to that style. She did well in PN and got a High Combined over a two trial to win cool awards. She was Reserve PN dog of the year, just only moving to PN that year. She moved up to Open and held her own and I loved running her. She wasn't the strongest dog but never backed down and was able to move ewes and lambs to tough rams. Nothing fazed her and she was a appropriate grip. She became deaf in one ear so I retired her while she was in full glory. Now she is the resident chore dog and poultry dog. And still the spoiled princess.
She had a tons of nick names, RainBug, Bug, Bunny, Petunia and Princess. She knows them all. She enjoys being the baby of the house, gray muzzle and all. Someone forgot to tell her that she is a senior citizen. She has a lot of God-Moms as well, the main one being Janet.



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