Friday, September 25, 2015

RIP DeltaBluez Roo

Roo was helped across the rainbow bridge by Grant on August 29 due to kidney failure.  He was a son of Scott Glen's Pleat and Deltabluez Tess. He was a big red dog that had the courage of a lion, a heart of gold and pushy like a freight train.  I got him back in trade and sent him to Scott to be finished up. He was a grand dog for me, doing great at cowdog trials and sheepdog trials. I qualified him for the Nursery in sheep but didn't go due to a death in the family for the sheepdog finals and he ran at the Cattledog Nursery (another handler)  as well that year. Not many dogs can qualify for sheep and cattle in their Nursery year. He ran in Open at the Sheepdog Finals for me. We went to the Calgary Stampede and he did well and that is when I found out I needed glasses since I missed a panel.  He gave everything to me and was a wonderful dog for me.  He tested my handling skills and he was push on  the down but I learned. He had a great sense of humor. I have a daughter of his, Billie who has his humor. Later in life, he went to Holly and Grant Boudreault as their main work dog. He became a cherished member of the family and took care of his young sons. He was very loved. May you find your mom in heaven and keep the wayward flock in line. We will miss you.

 more style...
shedding range ewes

 after his double lift at Fire ridge (9th)
 Judge Hub and us after the trial at Fire Ridge...

fetch at a local trial

cowdog trial....cow tried to run over him to get away....she lost

Roo and his mom, Tess 
another shed....he was brilliant at shedding

on the way to Calgary

too busy looking at the sheep to pose for a photo...
Deltabluez Roo Nov 16, 2002- Aug 29, 2015

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