Thursday, August 27, 2015

T and Pete Yamamoto Fire Fund

NOTE: Facebook is not letting us post the link to gofundme so we are putting this in the blog to bypass them. Apparently someone thought it was abusive that we should try to help our fellow friend, trial handler, sheep rancher and good soul:
T and Pete Yamamoto had to flee their working sheep ranch in eastern Washington State due to the fire. It is close to their place and they had to evacuate. They had to leave everything behind, aside from what they had on their backs and what animals they could load.  The sheep are their income and as of now, they have no income and praying their farm does not burn down.
They need fuel for the truck, food and supplies for their animals so can you donate $25 to help them. Every dollar helps and they dont know when they will be able to go back or whether they even have a farm to go back to....they have sheep, cattle, horses, Border Collies, LGD, chickens, etc and a hawk. Some need vet care as well.

T is a wonderful person who is a local sheep and cattledog trial handler as well. She has a heart of gold and won't ask for donations so I am asking for her (with her permission)

Now her needs are fuel, and animal food, large dog crates, dog flea collars, hay and basic livestock supplies. As well as money to survive on (food, etc)


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The link in the blog works fine...the problem is facebook