Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kelpie Books for sale - SOLD

Since I have been sick, I am going to reduce my rare sheep dog books. The price is firm and you the buyer will need to pay postage and insurance. Shipping only to USA and Canada. However if you want to get all three for $400 that is possible. Once these are sold, I will be listing more books.

1. Training the Working Kelpie. A D Parson. Printed 1990, Hardcopy, excellent shape. Original price $250. Sale Price is $150.

2. The Australian Kelpie- The essential guide to the Australian working dog.  Tony Parson. Printed 1992. Hardcover, excellent shape Original price $250. Sale Price is $150.

 3. The Working Kelpie: The Origins and Breeding of a Dinkum Australian . A. D. Tony Parsons. Printed in 1986.   Hardcover, excellent shape but few scratches on front.  Original price $250. Sale Price is $150.      

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