Friday, February 13, 2015

Two Years ago....

It was two years ago when Tess died in my arms. They say time heals all wounds but the pain still is there, not as raw or deep but still there. I still miss her but I see her in my dreams. Young and free and jumping for joy. She left a legacy and memories that will last me a thousand years.  She took us on adventures that we would never have been on before, journeys that brought peace to our hectic lives and grounded us. She was the love of our lives, the child we never had and one who made us laugh and see joy in the world.

But dogs are put on the earth for a short time; to teach us and then have us be the teachers when they leave. To have us learn how to open our hearts to love and have compassion. When they die, they leave a huge gaping hole in our hearts. Why? To have other dogs come and put a piece of their heart in our hearts until we are whole again.  My heart is whole again. Thank you Maid.

When we first got Tess. We fell in love with her that day.

2001 6th Place Nursery Champion with Scott Glen. 

My lapwarmer at trials.

We used to dance to country western music before our runs.

She would watch runs and if one would go bad, she would look at me as if to say, "I can't believe that they did that?"

She slept next to us on the bed and had her own pillow.

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