Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Hat gift from Raven

I've ben fighting Stage Three Cancer- T cell Lymphoma.....I have one of the rare cases that the oncologists have ever seen. So I am going through a very aggressive chemo since the cancer is very aggressive. I will be losing my hair so raven made me this hat to wear. It is so lovely and toasty warm as well.
Much thanks for such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I got when I just got home from Chemo and was feeling bad and it brightened my day.
My favorite color

It's long so you can do different roll up designs.
Raven has a website that she sell sheep and Border Collie items, as well a drawings and painting of your beloved pet. She has done my dogs and I love her work. She can make you a hat as well
Here is the link:

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Raven said...

thanks, woman! keep your head warm and your spirit strong! Tess and I are rooting for you!