Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Donate to help Champ in need!

A good friend of Mine, Suzanne recently had her Nursery dog, Champ fall ill. She incurred a huge vet bill to pay and if you are willing, any contribution will help. Champ is getting better and people have been generous with donations. Normally I do NOT solicit funds on my website as I think that is tacky but this is an exception.
So instead of having a Starbucks latté for the next month, I am going to donate what I would have spent on the lattés ($25)  and put it towards Champ's vet bill.
Please consider donating something...even a little like $5 will go a long way. Help a fellow handler and remember, what goes around come back top you....karma.
The link below will explain what happened since Day one.
Here is the link:

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