Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nikki...our newest member!!

I am woefully behind on posting about my new Border Collie. Her name is Nikki and Scott Glen found her for me. He got her from Scott and Trish Kelsoe. She is a daughter of Alasdair's Nap and her dame is Cedes. Alasdair and Tricia filled me on her dam's history as well.  She ran in PN and is very determined. Lots of push, some eye and very willing. Super sweet personality. Gets along with Nan, Maid and Rainey.
Nikki as a baby (from Trish?)
another baby (from Trish)
Working on the farm. I have been doing voice commands since I don't have her whistles down yet. She responds quite well. She handles the sheep quite well and is very kind.

She rates the sheep well. Very stylish and wants to please.
She will be my PN dog until Nan is retired.  Until then she is enjoying the farm life and playing ball and swimming in the ponds. Thanks to Scott for finding her for me!

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