Monday, December 14, 2015

Baby Nana

Sue Noll sent me this picture of Nana when she was a puppy. She used to own Nana. Isn't this the cutest pix ever?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Oso run order for Dec 12, 2015

Open - Handler Dog
1. Mindy Mayer Libby
2. Janet Thorpe Jude
3. Lyndsey Ibbotson Zeus
4. Heather Haynes Lad
5. Susan Crocker Cedar
6. Tim Ballard Nell
7. Joe Haynes Pepper
8. Kathleen Torkelson Josh
9. Alison Deilke Sock
10. Corinne Berg Bea
11. Diane Pagel Bliss
12. Lorri Schubert Destiny
13. Cheryl Munson Cooper
14. Mindy Mayer Blake
15. Janet Thorpe Sava
16. Alison Deilke Skye
17. Corinne Berg Max
18. Kathleen Torkelson Gael
19. Mary Gutknecht Mae
20. Heather Haynes Spot
ProNov - Handler Dog
1. Audrey Baldessari Kael
2. Adrienne Burnett Maddie
3. Sally Tibbits Shay
4. Jo Roach Davey
5. Cheryl Munson Tanner
6. Susan Crocker Harley
7. Audrey Baldessari Cate
8. Lynne Green Craig
9. Joe Haynes Jim
10. Tim Browne Reba
11. Shari Madamba Bo
12. Audrey Baldessari Dan
13. Sally Tibbits Gemma
14. Adrienne Burnett Maddie - NC
Nov - Handler Dog
1. Carolann Mickels Hank
2. Amanda Jones Patch
3. Lisa Bergland Sam
4. Marilyne Cunnington Chance
5. Tim Browne Nell
Ranch - Handler Dog
1. Sally Tibbits Gemma
2. Sue Meagher Gael
3. Shari Madamba Boomer
4. Carolann Mickels Hank
5. Amanda Jones Patch
6. Lisa Bergland Sam
7. Marilyne Cunnington Quill
8. Tim Browne Reba
9. Sally Tibbits Shay

Monday, December 7, 2015

Friday, December 4, 2015

Using a LGD for predator control

A study of the effectiveness of guard dogs in deterring predators from killing livestock that began in Montana has been expanded to four additional states, and two additional breeds from Portugal and Bulgaria are now being tested along with dogs from Turkey.
The aim is to discover a dog breed that’s the most effective in reducing sheep depredation by wolves and grizzly bears, or another “nonlethal” tool for protecting sheep, as opposed to killing predators that attack livestock.
Guard dogs are used by 40 percent of sheep operations for predator control, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, which handles USDA’s predator control efforts.
But little is known about how carnivores respond to them, said Daniel Kinka, a doctoral ecology student at Utah State University in Logan, who is overseeing the work.
And the study is looking at new breeds from Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria. The breeds are not commonly used in the United States, but have long histories of defending livestock from bears and wolves in those countries.
“These are dogs who have been bred for many, many generations specifically to do the job they’re designed for, which is guarding sheep,” Kinka said.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fido's Sheepdog Trial Run Order for Nov 29

SUNDAY – 8:30 handler meeting 


1.    JB Brick Brisco
2.    Anne Devine Tam
3.    Corinne Berg CBK Bea
4.    Vicki Romero Kate
5.    Kylo Murray-Gann Mike
6.    Bob Hickman Trooper
7.    Janet Thorpe Sava
8.    Diane Pagel Bliss
9.    Kathleen Torkelson Josh
10. Cindy Baker Brill
11. Heidi Hansen Mabel
12. Suzanne Anaya Champ
13. Ron Green Chavo
14. Ron Fischer Jim
15. Dick Wilson Beth NC
16. Jeanne Boudrieau Secret
17. Tim Ballard Nell
18. Nora Linbo Gin
19. Paul Murray Lexi
20. Bob Hickman CBK Ryder
21. Ron Green Kiki
22. Corinne Berg CBK Mnx
23. Missy Burnett Maddie  NC
24. Janet Thorpe Jude
25. Diane Pagel Ben N/C scratch
26. Suzanne Anaya Yoko
27. Anne Devine Maybe
28. JB Brick Sketch
29. Judy Norris Blaze
30. Jeanne Boudrieau Moses
31. Becki Maloney Kirby
32. Nora Linbo Bailey
33. Kathleen Torkelson Gael
34. Cindy Baker Rook

Pro-Novice Sunday
1.    Dick Wilson Beth
2.    Norm Rivers Chappy
3.    Missy Burnett Maddie
4.    Judy Norris Britt
5.    Jane Hickman Rachael
6.    Sally Gustafson Bear
7.    Cynthia Mills Kraken
8.    Missy Burnett Maddie NC
9.    Dick Wilson Raygan NC